Major Milestones

Major Milestones in the Journey of COVA

COVA: At a Glance

What We Do:
* Facilitate Intercommunity Relations and Interfaith Dialogue to enable Riot Control measures and
undertakeConflict Resolution at the local and national levels.
* Promotion of Responsible Global Citizenship- through sensitisation of all age groups and classes of
society to different social issues –enable people to develop enhanced social consciousness and
responsibility to become concerned citizens- motivate concerned citizens to engage in committed
action for positive social transformation
*  Network with civil society groups, academia and media to gain greater outreach to implement
programs for communal harmony, citizenship rights, participatory governance and to acquire
multiplier effect in advocacy for policy initiatives on inclusive growth, social justice and peace.
*  Research and Studies at the local, state, national and international levels for informed advocacy.
*  Advocacy with the local, state and national governments for pro-poor and inclusive policies
*  Policy Engagement with Multilateral Bodies like the UN, Commonwealth, G 20 for structural
transformation for anequitable, sustainable and just World Order
We Work For:
*  Children, women, youth, unemployed, refugees and people affected by sectarian conflicts and natural
*  COVA works directly with 30,000 people in Hyderabad and reaches out to about 500,000 people in
India through its member and associate organisations and networks.
Our Partners:
*  School and college students; women, youth, senior citizens, social workers, peace activists
*  Community organisations, resident welfare associations, NGOs
*  State, National and International Networks
*  Schools, colleges, universities, media, professional clubs,
*  State and central government departments, police, judiciary, banks,
*  Corporate entities, corporate executives, professionals,
*  Consulates and cultural centres of foreign governments.
Our Supporters:
*  COVA has received support and collaboration from many international, national and local bodies
including UNHCR (United National High Commissioner for Refugees); UNICEF; The British High
Commission, New Delhi; US Consulate, Hyderabad; Iranian Consulate, Hyderabad, Indialogue
Foundation, Turkey; Government of India and Government of Andhra Pradesh; Christian Aid; Royal
Tropical Institute, Netherlands; The Ford Foundation; Oxfam; Cord Aid; Action Aid, Charities Aid
Foundation; corporate entities; corporate executives and individual philanthropists.


  • Control and prevention of riots in Hyderabad
  • Introduced the concept and practice of Rights based work and launched initiatives to transform the political agenda of the old city of Hyderabad from communal to development through Citizens Assertion Campaign and promotion of governance from grassroots.

Andhra Pradesh

Formed networks of civil society organisations in 9 districts of Andhra Pradesh to promote collaborations between different communities and secure social harmony
Formed Welfare Trusts in three districts of Andhra Pradesh to promote the use of Zakat and philanthropic donations to finance micro-enterprises to make people self-reliant and empower the poor.
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Collaboration with religious leaders of all faiths through the Interfaith Forum to promote proper understanding and amity between different communities and deescalate tensions during times of conflicts and riots.
Enlistment of religious leaders and priests to promote responsible citizenship including awareness programs on governance from grassroots and HIV/AIDS through their weekly sermons in Mosques, Churches, Temples, and Satsangs.


– Initiation of Networks of organisations from different communities for communal harmony in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Jammu & Kashmir
– Peace initiatives in Jammu & Kashmir
– Relief and Rehabilitation for 6000 families in Kashmir post- 2005 earthquake


– Promotion of Peace Initiatives with Pakistan
– Promotion of People to People Contacts in South Asia through Centre for People’s Foreign Policy in South Asia
– Proposal for ‘MDGs Plus Frame” for the attainment of Millennium Development Goals through the Post 2015 Process..
– Proposal for GECS (GDP, Equality, Conflict, and Sustainability) Audit to attain holistic, sustainable and just development.

Major Activities: Timeline

1994: Celebrating 125th Gandhi Jayanti – Preparation of Photo Exhibition and a documentary film on the contributions of common people to the Freedom Movement of India
1997: Festival of the Subcontinent: Joint Celebration of 50 years of independence by India, Pakistan and Bangladesh on August 14-15, 1997. Events were organized in 50 cities across the globe
1997-2000: IPP VIII: Mobilisation and Training of 1100 Women Link Volunteers in the old city of Hyderabad to ensure and monitor quality health services at Urban Health Posts.
1999: Initiation of economic empowerment programs for women in Andhra Pradesh through vocational training and entrepreneurship
2000: Economic empowerment of women through the promotion of more than 50 Thrift Cooperatives promoted and strengthened in Hyderabad and 9 districts of Andhra Pradeshreaching out to 60,000 women.
2001: Training of women Corporators from 6 districts of Andhra Pradesh in “Effective Participation as Elected Representatives”.
2002: Human Chain, 15th March 2002, that prevented a communal outbreak in Hyderabad
2003: Global Vigils for Peace against war posturing between India and Pakistan
2004: Partners in Victory- Flags for Peace Campaign during which thousands of flags of both India and Pakistan were distributed to the spectators in the stadiums to bring amity during India-Pakistan cricket matches that were played in Pakistan after a gap of 14 years
2004: Visit of Parliamentarians from Pakistan to India to break the deadlock after the attack on the Indian Parliament
2004: Anti War Assembly, against the US attack on Iraq
2004: Formation of PUCAAR (Peoples Union for Civic Action and Rights)
2005: Signature Campaign for Improvement of Government Schools leading to sanction of Rs.5 crores by the Government of Andhra Pradesh to schools in Hyderabad.
2005: Collaborated in Peace March from Delhi to Multan: 23rd March 2005 to 11th May 2005
2005: No! No!! Campaign!!! to protest the purchase of F16 and F18 Fighter Jets by India and Pakistan from America.
2005: Kashmir Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation Project- Covered 6000 families for relief and constructed 195 houses for the most vulnerable in the quake-affected areas.
2000-07: Annual Low-Cost Science Exhibitions for 7 consecutive years setting a trend for others in the old city of Hyderabad.
2007: Formation of Bandhan, the State level federation of district networks in Andhra Pradesh
2008: Formation of Forum for Improvement of Government Schools
2008: Formation of COVA-Kasturba Gandhi Peace Centre.
2008: After the bomb blasts in Mecca Masjid, participated in the Enquiry Committee of the State Minorities Commission, instituted by the Government of A.P. that led to the release of 100 youth of the old city areas of Hyderabad who were falsely implicated by the police in the bomb blasts.
2009: Indo-Pak Joint Signature Campaign and Exchange of Peace Delegations against terrorism and war posturing.
2009: Formation of ICAN – Indian Children Action Network.
2009: Launch of HIV / AIDS awareness campaign through religious leaders in temples, mosques, and churches.
2009-10: As part of Election Watch A.P. worked for the prevention of malpractices during Parliamentary, Assembly and Municipal Elections.
2010: In collaboration with other civil society organizations, obtained stay order and interim order from the High Court of A.P. for the protection of Golconda Fort and its surrounding areas from violations by the Golf Course under the National Heritage Monuments Act.
2010: Initiatives in Kashmir for peace and normalcy during the summer turmoil of 2010. Proposed the idea of and facilitated the visit of Indian Parliamentarians for meeting Hurriyat leaders in October 2010 that ensured peace in the Valley ever since.
2010: Participated in the Mumbai to Lahore Peace March
2010: Initiated the concept and process for Peace and Equity Audit in Development Planning. Proposal submitted to the Planning Commission, Government of India.
2011: Appealed in the High Court of Andhra Pradesh against assigning census work to school teachers during school hours and obtained a favorable order from the High Court.
2011: Participated in the Indian Peace Delegation to Pakistan that met the Prime Minister of Pakistan, parliamentarians, policymakers, activists, and people to promote understanding and normalization of relations
2011: Repeat of Partners in Victory- Flags for Peace Campaign- during the World Cup Semi-Finals at Mohali where thousands of flags of both India and Pakistan were distributed to the spectators to promote a cordial atmosphere in the stadium that cheered good cricket!
2011: Youth Parliament organized by COVA deliberated on the Issue of Lokpal Bill and for the first time proposed inclusion of corporate corruption in the ambit of Lokpal Bill that was endorsed by some others and became part of the general debate
2011: Children’s Activism: Introduced school students of Hyderabad to the principles and practice of Social Activism. Now students of 100 schools are engaged in addressing social issues and community outreach programs.
2012: Launch of Citizens Assertion Campaign to secure governance from grassroots through activation of Area Sabhas and Ward Committees. Obtained directions form the High Court of Andhra Pradesh for the conduct of regular meetings of Area Sabhas and Ward Committees in response to a Writ Petition filed by COVA and others.
2012: Proposed the Concept of MDG Plus for the Post 2015 Process for the attainment of Millennium Development Goals.
2012: Advocacy Campaign with Parliamentarians for reforms in Tax Regime through the increase in direct taxes and laws to check tax evasion through Double Taxation Treaties.
2013: Initiated COVA Financial Inclusion Facilitation Centre to promote bank linkages and secure loans for the poor and marginalized.
2013: Proposed the concept of GEPS (GDP, Equity, Peace and Sustainability) Audit to the Planning Commission of India and for the G20 Process.

2014: Initiated RTE Campaign for Implementation of 25% Free Admissions in Non-Minority Private Schools in Telangana State As Per RTE Act 2009.

2014: In collaboration with MAKRO Foundation started 2K Depression prevention Walk to raise Awareness across the Globe and Encourage People to Adopt Help Seeking behavior and Prevent Death through Suicide.

2015: Launch of Empowering India: Conversation with Celebrities for Development of partnership between all sections of society and between men and women.

2015: COVA with Operating Partner of UNHCR started Refugee Facilitation Centre to provide international protection and humanitarian assistance19 and to seek permanent solutions for Persons of Concerns (POCs) ie asylum seekers and refugees.

2015: Launch of Third Generation Philanthropy from charity to Empowerment- has started this initiative in 2015 to bring about attitudinal transformation in individual donors to channelize their donations from giving charity.

2016: In association with  VANI Organized an Event on ‘Regional Meeting on Thematic Issues’ aiming towards Inclusive Growth, Sustainable Development, Financial Inclusion, and Corruption and Governance.

2016: Launching COFI Networks(Countering Online Fanatic Indoctrination Networks) program through a TechCamp jointly organized by US Consulate aiming to reach out to persons from fields of religion, media, civil society and social media who are concerned by the growing phenomenon of misuse of social media spaces for fanatic indoctrination- especially of youth.

2017: Government of Telangana inaugurated the Free Online Scholarship Applications Program of COVA & ICAN for Pre Metric Scholarships.

2017: Launched the Peace Now & Forever Campaign was launched covering 60 cities and towns of India and Pakistan with the objective of addressing the steadily deteriorating relations between the two neighbors and to provide platforms to enable civil society to demand peace and condemn warmongering without feeling apologetic or guilty about their stand.

2018: Initiated Citizen’s Entitlements Campaign as a part of the 3rd Generation Philanthropy were general public was encouraged to download Mobile Apps and lodge their grievances and complaints with concerned departments for the 56 services offered by GHMC.

2018: COVA and ICAN (Indian Children’s Action Network) organized Compassionate Citizenship  & Responsible Activism  Project For Children And Youth.

Research Studies
1995: Socio-Economic Survey of the Old City of Hyderabad for Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, New Delhi (link to be
1997-98: Hyderabad segment of the Urban Poverty Research (link)

1999: Study on Socio-Economic, Educational and Political condition of Minorities in Andhra Pradesh. (Link to the
2000-03: Action Research Project on the Empowerment of Elected Women Representatives in Andhra Pradesh (link
to the document)
2002: Study on Social Responsibility of the Medical Sector during Communal Conflicts (link to the report)
2003: International Study on “Philanthropic Practices in Muslim Societies”
2004: “A Case Study in Peace Building in the city of Hyderabad during the past 1000 years” (link to the document)
2008: Socio- economic Conditions of Muslims of Nizamabad (link to the document)
2012: Study on promises made in the Common Minimum Program and performance by the Government of Andhra
2012: Critical Review of Status of Millennium Development Goals in Andhra Pradesh and revision of strategies for
their attainment (in collaboration with WNTA).
Documentaries and Exhibitions
1994: “Azadi Ki Kahani: Dadima Ki Zubani” a documentary film on the contribution of common people to the Indian
freedom movement as Part of the 125th Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations. ( to see if can be uploaded on utube and linked)
1994: Photo Exhibition of freedom Fighters from Andhra Pradesh and the rest of India.
2001: “….and Nature Replies” a documentary film on the ravages caused by flash floods in the city of Hyderabad in
August 2001. (to see if can be uploaded on Utube and linked)
• Socio-Economic Conditions of People of India, 2005 (in English & Telugu)
• Muslims of Anantapur, 2008.
• People’s Manifesto of the People of the Old City of Hyderabad, 2004 and 2009.
• Messages of Oneness: Visions and Visionaries, 2009.
• Pamphlets and newsletters (in English, Telugu & Urdu) for voter awareness, on government schools, information of
government departments, career opportunities, peace campaigns etc.

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