COVA: Overview
Networking for Responsible Citizenship and Global Peace

COVA is a national network of over 700 organisations working for communal harmony, peace and social justice. COVA works with women, children, youth and professionals from different sections and communities on the issues of peace, communal harmony, women’s empowerment, child rights, youth advancement, education, health, financial inclusion, environment, compassionate citizenship and responsible activism, natural disasters and man-made conflicts like communal riots.

COVA was initiated in 1995 with a membership of 8 community- based organisations to address the issue of communal conflicts and riots in the old city areas of Hyderabad. COVA has promoted networks and organisations for communal harmony in Hyderabad, nine districts of Andhra Pradesh, Saharanpur (U.P.) Kolkotta (West Bengal) and Jammu & Kashmir. COVA had facilitated the formation and growth of 16 networks, 5 trusts, 3 cooperatives, 2 societies, 5 organisations and 2 peoples’ movements – all dedicated to the cause of promoting communal harmony and community empowerment.

The range of activities of COVA include programs at the grassroots, networking of organisations and institutions at the local, state, national and international levels, research, trainings, advocacy and policy interventions.

Ongoing Programs and Activities: 2019-20

Peace Initiatives in Hyderabad

  • Community Outreach and Integration
  • Interfaith Forum

Peace Initiatives in South Asia

  • Promotion of People to People Contacts
  • Peace Now and Forever Campaign Between India and Pakistan
  • Peace Wall- On Facebook

Peace in Cyberspace

  • COFI Networks

3rd Generation Philanthropy

  • Financial Inclusion
  • Pre- Matric Scholarships
  • Citizens Entitlements Campaign

Compassionate Citizenship and Responsible Activism Program

  • 100 schools
  • 20 college
  • 5 Universities

Research and Advocacy for Policy Transformations and Programs Implementation

  • Facilitating Loans from Banks under DRI and MUDRA
  • Inclusion of Courses on Entrepreneurship in School and College Curriculum
  • Changes in Policies to facilitate Pre Matric Scholarship for BC, SC and ST Students in Telangana State

Refugee Facilitation Center

  • Monthly Rations to 120 destitute refugee families
  • School Fees
  • Grants for starting small businesses

Proposed Programs with Government of Telangana from April 2019

  • Saaf and Shandaar Hyderabad- With GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation)
  • WaLC (Water Leadership and Conservation)- With HMWS&SB (Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board)

For more details of the Programs and activities, please visit Reports Section in COVA website: www.covanetworks.org

Constituencies of COVA

  1. Members of different religious and caste groups- Through Communities and Inter Faith Forum
  2. School, College and University Students- Compassionate Citizenship Program- Scholarships
  3. People from slums and blighted areas- Citizen’s Entitlements Campaign and Peace Building
  4. Members of the lower middle classes- Citizen’s Entitlements Campaign and Peace Building
  5. Youth and Women- Across all programs
  6. Petty and small entrepreneurs- Financial Inclusion
  7. Educated, professional and elite classes – Citizen’s Entitlements Campaign and Peace Building- 3rd Generation Philanthropy
  8. Refugees- Refugee Facilitation Programs
  9. Other Organisation and Networks in Hyderabad, India and South Asia- Through Networking for Multiplier effect
  10. Local, State, Central Governments and Multilateral Bodies- For Structural and Policy Transformations.

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