Networking for Responsible Citizenship and Global Peace COVA
Solicits Collaborations to Build an Empowered World



Harmonious and just Society  through sensitization of all sections of people and empowerment of the marginalized and the poor.


To strive such that individuals, organisations. institutions and governments become pro-active in securing and sustaining a harmonious and just society.


To work towards a society that is free from conflict and violence, promotes inclusive outlook, assures peaceful coexistence and ensures equal opportunities and social justice.


1.  Enable citizens, especially women and marginalized sections, to decide and determine policies and political agenda at the local, national and international levels to ensure conflict-free and peaceful coexistence through inclusive and people-friendly development in the Global South.

2.  Ensure that children and youth partner in eschewing and preventing conflict, violence and divisiveness in all forms and become compassionate and responsible citizens to promote a peaceful and inclusive society.

3.  Influence media, business sector and other civil society institutions to adopt inclusive policies and contribute to promote and secure a just, peaceful and conflict-free society.

4.  Work for structural transformations to make the state apparatus (government, bureaucracy, police, judiciary and the political system) responsible and accountable for a conflict-free, peaceful and just society.

Our Approach:

“Do not hand out fish to a man, teach him to fish” is a well known Chinese adage that exhorts for empowerment of the people by building their capacities rather than giving charity that makes them dependent and vulnerable to more exploitation.

Fully endorsing this Chinese adage, COVA strives to promote responsible citizenship amongst all sections of society, especially minorities and marginalized communities, to orient and enable them to interact with the State by adopting democratic practices and non-violent methods to seek and secure their rights and entitlements as equal citizens.

Our Identity and Focus:
COVA (Confederation of Voluntary Associations) is a national network of voluntary organizations in India dedicated to the issues of social harmony, peace and justice. The prime focus of COVA is on citizenship rights and on perspective building for harmony in India and promotion of cooperation and peace in South Asia. Through direct programs and by networking with other civil society organizations (CSOs) and institutions, COVA organizes perspective building activities and programs, carries out campaigns, and conducts research for influencing diverse sections of society and the state apparatus to adopt inclusive, secular and egalitarian outlook and policies that would foster rights and promote justice and peace for all.

Strategies for Harmony:
Initiated in 1994 and registered as a society in 1995, as a response to the communal conflict in the old city of Hyderabad, COVA has since promoted several organizations, trusts and networks across India, designed to bring together different communities to facilitate integrated development and harmonious society through cooperation and joint initiatives. Some successful strategies include enabling people to recognize and assert their citizenship rights; community advocacy; riot control measures involving communities, inter-faith dialogue, action research, policy interventions, liaison with Parliamentarians and elected representatives, empowerment of women, personality development, livelihood guidance and orientation to social activism for youth and children, street theatre on social issues, riot control measures and management of natural and man – made disasters. COVA was also involved in a number of initiatives to reduce tensions between countries and promote people to people contact and cooperation in South Asia.

Our Communities:
The beneficiaries of the development and awareness initiatives more often than not enlist with COVA as peace volunteers. COVA is working with slum communities, women, children, college students, social activists, professionals, corporate, bureaucracy, policy makers and elected representatives. COVA also networks with other likeminded CSOs and institutions across the country and South Asia to address policy issues related to citizenship rights and for improvement of relations with other countries to propagate values of coexistence and secure peace.

Overview of COVA Programs for Responsible Citizenship and International Peace (Details of Programs are available on

Community Empowerment Initiatives

1.Riot Control and Reconciliation
2.Children’s Program
3.Youth TRAC & Koshish Theatre Group
4.Women’s Activism
5.Campaign for Activation of Area Sabhas and Ward Committees of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC)
6.Peace Alliance Partners (PAP)
7.Interfaith Forum (IFF)
8.Facilitation Centers for Financial Inclusion

National Networking

1.Communal Harmony and Peace in India
2.Nuclear Disarmament
3.Governance Accountability
4.Tax Justice

Policy Interventions

1.Formation of GO-NGO Coordination Committee for Minorities Department- Andhra Pradesh
2.GO- NGO Coordination Committees at the National Level
3.Peace and Equity Audit for Development Planning
4.Micro Entrepreneurship Development
5.Research and Publications

South Asian Initiatives

1.Exchange Programs
2.Media Action Group
3.Center for People’s Foreign Policy in South Asia
4.Hangout South Asia
5.South Asian Parliamentarians Forum

International Engagements

1.Work with Refugees:
2.International Charter for Religious Organization for Prevention of Conflicts:
3.UN, G 20 and Engagement with Post 2015 MDG Process
4.Engagement with OIC (Organisation of Islamic Conference)


For Details of each program please see Main Activities