Case Studies

Case Study on Rashida Begum, a Rohingya Refugee who is the beneficiary of  

‘Adopt a Destitute Refugee Family Program’ of COVA

Rashida Begum, born in 1977, came to Hyderabad in 2014 after her husband was killed in the genocide of Rohingyas in 2014. She has five children, three girls and 2 boys, all the girls are married. Now, this Single mother Rashida is living with two of her children, elder child Ziabu Rahman aged 25 is mentally disabled and the younger child Ziabul Haq is 14 years and works as a rag picker.

Rashida’s Tailoring and her 14 years old son Ziabul Haq’s rag picking money is only enough for Ziabu Rahman’s Hospital fees, medicines and house rent. Because of these unavoidable expenses, Rashida and her children’s daily survival became a grave challenge. Now, with ‘Adopt a Destitute Refugee Family Program’ facilitated by COVA with support from Individual Donors, Rashida and her children do not have to worry about their daily bread and are saved from recurring periods of starvation. With the money on food saved, she is able to give her ailing son better treatment than before.

COVA Volunteer on the left is giving monthly Rations to Rashida.