Governance System

  1. Advisory Council:Comprises of former Presidents of Executive Committee.   The Advisory Council helps the General  Body and the Executive Committee in formulating policies of the organization, revisiting its vision and mission as and when needed and giving direction to the organization.

  2. General Body is the apex body, consisting of all members of COVA, which elects the Executive Committee, ratifies decisions taken by the Executive  Committee and   approves Annual Reports, Action Plans, Budgets and Audited Statements of Accounts.
  3. Executive Committee meets at least once in three months to ratify decisions taken by the Executive Director, to  review activities  and to take important decisions regarding the management of the organisation.

Executive Committee 2015 – 17

SNo. Name Designation
1 Ms. Rama Jyothi President
2 Ms. Naheed Banu Vice President
3 Mr. Mohammed Turab Executive Secretary & Ex-Officio Member
4 Bro. Varghese Theckaneth Joint Secretary
5 Mr. Rama Rao Treasurer
6 Dr. Syed Mazher Hussain Executive Director CEO & Ex Officio Member
7 Ms. K.Supriya Honorary Executive  Member
8 Mr. Omim Debara Maneckshaw Honarary Executive  Member
9 Prof. Sheela Prasad Honorary Executive Member
10 Dr.Aparna Adhikari Affiliate Executive Member
11 Ms. C.Bhanuja Affiliate  Executive Member
12 Ms. Renu Keswani Affiliate Executive Member
13 Ms. Jhansi Geddam Associate Executive Member
14 Mr. Abdul Rahman Associate Executive Member
15 Mr. S.A.Samad Associate Executive Member

Core Management Team, consisting of the coordinators of all units of COVA and heads of its affiliates, meets every Monday at 10.00 a.m. to review important activities of the previous week and share action plans for the week to follow.

Administrative Committees of COVA

 Personnel Management Committee:

Functions :

  1. To select candidates for appointments.
  2. To conduct performance appraisal of the staff
  3. . To award annual increments to the staff
  4. To hold exit interviews of the staff leaving COVA

  This Committee will meet as and when required.  Award of increments to the Staff       members will be considered in the month of March. This Committee comprises of the following office bearers/Members  of the Executive  committee:

1 President Chair
2 Treasurer Member
3 Hon. Member Member
4 Coordinator of the  Respective Dept Member
5 Executive Director Member
6 Executive Secretary Convener
  1. Finance Management Committee:


  1. To approve tenders and quotations.
  2. To monitor systems updates of accounts department from time to time.
  3. To review and approve monthly financial statements.

The Committee meetings will be convened bi-monthly.    This Committee comprises of the following office bearers/Members  of the Executive  committee:

1 Treasurer Chair
2  Executive Director Member
3 Finance Advisor Member
4 Accounts Officer Member
5 Executive Secretary Convener


  1. Gender & Staff Grievances Committee


  1. To entertain applications from the aggrieved staff members.
  2. To hold hearing for the staff members who have grievances against the management or the other staff members and send report of the findings to the management.
  3. To propose gender sensitization programmes for the staff to contain all sorts of harassments at the work place.

This committee will meet twice a year with alternate EC Meetings.  This Committee comprises of the following office bearers/Members  of the Executive  committee and experts on the subject:

1 President Chair
2 Hon. Member  EC Prof. Sheela Prasad Member
3 Hon.   Member Ms. Sunitha Reddy Member
4 Member, EC Ms.Aparna Adhikari Member
5 Ms. Grishma Advocate Member
6 Staff   Ms. Lalitha Member
7 Executive Secretary Mr. Mohammed Turab Convener
  1. Event Management Committee


  1. Planning of the proposed Event.
  2. Selection of Venue, guests to the Event.
  3. Detailing of the budget and its allocation
  4. Police permission wherever required
  5. Information to related govt. departments.
  6. Media Plans, Volunteers management, Hospitality and logistics planning

The Convener shall prepare a year calendar and convene meeting in the month of March. The committee will also meet one month before every major event. This Committee comprises of the following office bearers/Members  of the Executive  committee:

1 Executive Director Chair
2 Member, Advisory Council Member
2 Executive Secretary Member
3 Joint Secretary Member
4 Hon. Member Member
5 Media Coordinator Member
6 Office Secretary-cum-Admin Officer, Member
7 Sr. State Coordinator Member
8 Coordinator Concerned Convener

The Executive Secretary in consultation with the other members of the Committee may invite any person as a Special Invitee for any of the Committees listed above.

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