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Salute to well-wishers, partners and supporters of COVA whose encouragement and support over the years has enabled us to work to secure social harmony and peace along with empowerment of the poor and marginalised.

We are bringing out a Monthly Update for the Select Partners of COVA to provide a brief overview of the activities, progress and achievements attained during the month through your partnership and contributions.

3rd Generation Philanthropy Programs of COVA

COVA has initiated 3rd Generation Philanthropy Program to mobilise donations and resources from individuals, businesses and trusts / foundations to enable people to access resources of the government available through various schemes and budgeted for lakhs of crores. However most of these schemes and programs are grossly underutilised.

COVA has started four programs under the 3rd Generation Philanthropy Initiative namely Financial Inclusion, Accessing Government Scholarships for Students, Citizens Entitlements Campaign and Compassionate Citizenship and Responsible Activism Programs for School students.

So far COVA was able to enable people to access bank loans of Rs. 2.2 crores through donations and contributions of just Rs. 14 lakhs; facilitate 2500 students to apply for government scholarships for an amount of Rs. 75 lakhs with donations of Rs. 1.62 lakhs and achieved an increase of 46.7% in downloading of GHMC App to enable citizens to avail services from GHMC through the Citizens’ Entitlements Campaign launched on 26th January 2018.

Report of the activities of COVA under 3rd Generation Philanthropy and other activities of COVA during February 2018 is being shared.

Solicit your feedback and continued partnership for our endeavours to make the world harmonious, just and peaceful.

Mazher Hussain
Executive Director

Citizen’s Entitlement Campaign

The Citizens Entitlements Campaign which was launched by Mr. Janardhan Reddy IAS Commissioner, on 26th January 2018 was carried forward through the month of February and has achieved a phenomenal increase of 46.7% in download of GHMC App by members of the public. Pamphlets were distributed and general public was encouraged to download apps and lodge their grievances and complaints with concerned departments for the 56 services offered by GHMC, Water Works and the Electricity Departments as part of their Citizen’s Charters.

The Citizen’s Entitlements Campaign is part of the 3rd Generation Philanthropy Initiative of COVA to enable people to access resources of governments running into Lakhs of Crores to ‘Make Poverty History’

Data received from GHMC for the months of December 2017 and January and February 2018 illustrates the impact of the Citizens Entitlements Campaign as follows:

Statistics on Download of MyGHMC App

Per Day

Average downloads per day in Dec. 2017 and Jan 2018 (had CEC not been launched on 26th Jan): 1088

Per Month

Total downloads in Jan. 2018 (had CEC not been launched on 26th Jan): 29512

Average downloads per day from CEC launch till 28th Feb. 2018: 1596 Total downloads in Feb. 2018: 40732
Increase in number of downloads per day: 508 Increase in no. of downloads in a month: 11220
Percentage increase per day: 46.7% Percentage increase in a month: 38%

Launch of Child Friendly Telangana Campaign by Kailash Satyarthi

The Child Friendly Telangana Program is initiated by the Administration of Karimnagar District under the leadership of Mr. B. Vinod Kumar, Member of Parliament from Karimnagar and will be developed to cover Telangana State. Over 30,000 school students along with teachers, parents and dignitaries in large numbers participated in this landmark launch function in which posters by COVA and Kailash Satyarthy were released at a public meeting.

 13th Annual Display of Projects work on Social Issues by School Students

COVA and ICAN (Indian Children’s Action Network) organised 13th Annual Display of Project Works on different Social Issues by school students on 27th February 2018. Students worked on 17 topics for Project Works for 2017-18 viz. Participatory Budgeting, Right to Civic Services through Citizens Charters, Sports & Recreation, Environment, Health, Old Age, Menstruation, Effects of Mobile Towers, Anti- Dowry, Girl Child Safety, Child Labour, Child Marriages, Homelessness, Corruption, Tobacco Factory in Residential Area, Survey of Aadhar Card and Problems faced by Government Schools. 365 students from 20 schools working in groups submitted 80 projects.

The objective of the program is to sensitise people, especially school, college, university students and young professionals to social issues and concerns to inculcate in them compassion and responsible citizenship required of a good human being and enlist their commitment to address social problems to make society humane and just. Mr. Aditya Margam, Chairman, SLNS College, Bhongir & Ex-Honorary Secy. Exhibition Society inaugurated the Display of Project Works and inspected the works of the students

The Chief Guest for the Valedictory Function in the afternoon was Mr. K.V Arjun Rao, Principal, Oakridge International School and Mr. Sunil Jain, Executive Director, Natural Bleach Earths Pvt. Ltd. and Ms. Usha Paliath, Co-Director – Potter’s Wheel and National Executive Member – COWE were the Guests of Honour.

Prizes and Certificates we awarded to the students on the basis of evaluations of a Panel of esteemed judges comprising of Ms. Naheed Banu, Vice President COVA, Ms. Sarwat Sayeed, Dr. Lubna Asiya, Ms Amina Niloufer Hussain, Mr. S.A Samad, Mr. Iftekharuddin Ahmed, Ms. Nusrat Jahan, and Mr. Mohd. Azhar Ahmed & Mr. Mohd. Asif. Mr. Naseer Siddiqui and Mr. Salahuddin Sheikh of COVA facilitated tabulation of results and distribution of prizes.

Case Study: 1
Students of Madina Mission High School prepared projects on Child Labour & Effects of Mobile Phone Towers on health. Mr. Benjamin who is a Teach for India fellow was their teacher guide through the whole projects work. He shared with us that it was an intense activity for children as it required them to comprehend realities of the society beyond their school and home. He said that the guidelines made the students research, analyse and learn about data collecting. Benjamin was glad that his students got an opportunity to reflect on their community and surroundings and how it affects them which made them passionate about the topics they worked on. He said his students now have better understanding and he hopes that they are able to share the same with their friends and family. He also added that this particular initiative by COVA can enable the children to feel empowered and enjoy their rights as young citizens of India as they enable others to enjoy the same rights.


Financial Inclusion Project- Overview

COVA started the Financial Inclusion Project in 2014. The objective of the project was to provide financial literacy to the people to enable them to directly access loans from banks. It is the right of each citizen as stipulated by the Government of India and Reserve Bank of India under various schemes like DRI (Differential Rate of Interest) Loans, Priority Sector Lending, and Prime Minister’s 15-Point Program for Minorities and MUDRA, etc.

Amount of Loans sanctioned till date Rs.1,82,98,500
Number of loans sanctioned in February NIL
Repayment percentage of February 93.23%
Number of persons who received loans 982


Case Study:

Imran had been running a business of printing for a decade when he came across the loan facility for micro and nano entrepreneurs. He got in touch with COVA and was guided to apply and receive a loan for INR 15,000 in 2014. He repaid the loan within 30 months and  now plans to take another loan for INR 2,00,00 -2,50,000 to buy an advanced printing machine. The first loan helped him expand his business and gain more orders of printing. He wishes to develop his business further by using the printing machine with better resolution and printing speed.

COFI Networks International

TechCamps were organised in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 10th and 11th February and BootCamp in Bhubaneswar on 12th February 2018 with 24 participants. Objective of TechCamps and Bootcamp is: to impart  technical skills to Partners of COFI Network to handle social media and counter online hate propaganda and propagate positive content in social media both as individuals as well as organised groups. Care is taken to enlist partners/persons from different fields well versed in religious and social issues with progressive ideologies as Partners from all religious / ideological persuasions viz. Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and atheists etc.

The HUB-A new initiative of COFI Networks International to Propagate Positivity through Cyberspace is being initiated. The program enables eminent personalities dedicated to promotion of informed understanding of issues, social harmony and peace to propagate their writings, videos and public expressions through social media with the help of dedicated Blog Managers. Initial program is scheduled to be launched in March 2018 with about 15 eminent personalities of India and is proposed to scale it up to include 300 eminent personalities from 10 countries by end of 2019 to enable propagation of their writings and speeches through social media.

Meetings with members of COFI Karnataka were conducted in Bengaluru on 8th February’18 and monthly meeting in Kolkata was conducted with the members of COFI Kolkata on 17th February’18.

International Networking

As a part of Peace now and Forever Campaign between India and Pakistan, COVA participated in the Two Day Convention of PIPFPD at Bhubaneshwar on 10-11 February 2018 to strengthen the bond between the two countries. Discussions with Jai Jagat Campaign of P.V. Rajagopal for a March from Delhi to Geneva through Pakistan, Iran etc., are ongoing.

Collaboration established with the international organisation D21 for governance and children’s program.

Memorial Meeting for Asma Jahangir

COVA and Lamakaan held a Memorial Meeting on 17th February’18 at Lamakaan, to pay homage to Asma Jahangir, a renowned human rights activist, Supreme Court lawyer and UN Rapporteur from Pakistan who passed away on 11th February 2018. The condolence meet started with a screening of Asma Jahangir’s lecture at Yale University.

Dr. Mazher Hussain, Executive Director of COVA, Dr. Sumanta Banerjee, senior academic and member of Lamakaan, Ms. Sangamitra Malik of PIPFPD and Advocate Mr. Mahmood Ali recalled her landmark contributions to rights and peace in South Asia as many distinguished members present on the occasion also expressed their condolences.

The Memorial meeting ended with the screening of a poem recitation on Azadi by Kamla Bhasin with all members of the audience joining in chorus. People present at the Memorial Meeting wrote messages and signed on the Banner of the meeting. This signed Banner will be sent to her family in Lahore, Pakistan, as an ode and remembrance of her remarkable persona and path breaking work for the people of South Asia and especially women and children of Pakistan.

Other Programs

Multilateral Platforms

Advocacy for BRICS Study: COVA has proposed three Paradigm Shifts and twelve Strategic Recommendations for promotion of MSMEs as part of a Study on MSMEs in BRICS Economies undertaken in 2016 for the BRIC Summit in India.

During February 2018 COVA interacted with some Members of Parliament to take up the consideration of the recommendations of the Study by the Government of India and of Telangana State.

Bio-metrics Drive- UNHCR (BIMS)

UNHCR and COVA conducted a Biometric verification drive at Hyderabad from 19th of Feb to 25th of Feb 2018 covering 3800 refugees and persons of concerns. This goal of this drive is to provide better protection to refugees currently living in Hyderabad.

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