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Peace Now Campaign

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  • August 4, 2017

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The Peace Now Campaign between Pakistan and India is being launched on 1 st July 2017 from 3 pm India Time and 2.30 pm Pakistan Time. Partners in other countries will also launch the Campaign to coincide with this common time. The Peace Now & Forever Campaign will be from 1 st July to 15 th August 2017 and will be organized in Pakistan, India and at least 10 other countries where Indians and Pakistanis live.

The Peace Now & Forever Campaign is conceived with the objective of addressing the deteriorating relations between Pakistan and India by the day. Common people and even Civil Society seems to be getting increasingly scared to take a stand and soon no space may be left to talk of peace and questioning war hysteria could be branded downright antinational and blasphemy.

In such a situation it becomes an urgent requirement to provide platforms to enable common people and civil society to demand peace and condemn attempts at war mongering without feeling apologetic or guilty about their stand.

Hence this Peace Now &Forever Campaign- between Pakistan and India!

In 2008 also, after the terrorist attack on Mumbai when the relations were at a nadir between India and Pakistan, civil society organisations in Pakistan and India had initiated a Joint Signature Campaign in both countries in collaboration with a large number of organisations and over 100,000 signatures (including that of Mr. I.K. Gujaral, the former Prime Minister of India) were collected and the Campaign had some success for creating space for peace in both countries.

We are happy to share that Networks and Organisations in 22 of the 29 States of India and the four Provinces of Pakistan are coming forward to Partner with the Peace Now Campaign and we are receiving good response from other countries also. We expect the Peace Now Campaign to be undertaken in around 250 cities, towns and villages in Pakistan, India and other countries.

Apart from a Joint Signature Campaign, many other simultaneous programs in different cities and towns are being planned during the Campaign period and especially on seven weekends that will be available during the course of the Campaign like Lectures on Peace including need for cordial Pakistan India Relations in Schools, colleges and universities, Young Art for Future of Humanity: through Platform for Children and Youth – Film and Documentary Festivals, Culture Camps, Interfaith Prayer Meets, Peace Caravans, Rallies and Marathons, Outreach to Political Parties and Elected Representatives etc.

Some major networks of India with a national reach who have agreed to partner with the Campaign are: Aagaz e Dosti, COVA, Ekta Parishad, FANSA, MSI, PIPFPD, WNTA and others collectively having a combined membership of over 3000 organisations. In Pakistan some organisations that are on board are PILER, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. Actin Aid, Now Communities, PIPFPD, Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum, Aurat Foundation, Pakistan, SPO, Urban Resource Centre, AHUNG Pakistan, IPCN, National Organisation of Working Communities, Pakistan Medical Association/Pakistan Doctors For Peace and Development (PDPD), Tahrik-e-Niswan, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and  Democratic Students Federation. Many other networks and organisations of India and Pakistan are expected to start partnering with the Peace Now and Forever Campaign shortly.

We urge you to Partner with the Peace Now Campaign by organising programs in your cities and towns or by participating in the programs being organised by others. Please fill the online forms given below to register as Networks, Organisations or Individuals.

Partner Enlistment Form- For Networks MNElOHEqV5HPSeBi3rdW6Breqy3l4pkMbS4NSw/viewform

Partner Enlistment Form- For Organisations

Partner Enlistment Form- For Individuals


Partners in Pakistan

PILER, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. Actin Aid, Now Communities, PIPFPD, Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum, Aurat Foundation, Pakistan, SPO, Urban Resource Centre, AHUNG Pakistan, IPCN, National Organisation of Working Communities, Pakistan Medical Association/Pakistan Doctors For Peace and Development (PDPD), Tehrik-e- Niswan, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Democratic Students Federation.

Partners in India:

Operations Note

The programs / activities on weekends along with the common dates proposed are:

1. 8 th – 9 th July: Community Outreach for the Signature Campaign:

Though the Signature Campaign will start on 1 st July 2017 with the Launch of the Campaign and will continue through the whole period till 15 th August 2017, a whole weekend in the beginning is proposed to be dedicated to organise programs with the communities to enlist greater involvement of the people and galvanise the Campaign and provide the required momentum for success.

2. 15 th – 16 th July: Film and Documentary Festivals– about 7 to 8 films and documentaries will be collected and shared online with Partners after taking screening permissions from the makers. Collaborating with Film Clubs would make it very easy to organise this program. The screenings could be followed with discussion.

Requesting everyone to share information about any films / documentaries they think could be appropriate.

3. 20 st to 23 rd July 2017: Outreach to Elected Representatives: A Combined Campaign in India and Pakistan to reach out to all the elected representatives from local bodies to members of Parliament / Senate and secure their endorsements on the demands in the Signature Campaign Form. In the Joint Signature Campaign between India and Pakistan in 2008 after the Mumbai Terror attack, more than 100,000 signatures were collected in both counties including that of Mr. I.K. Gujral, the former Prime Minister of India.

The Monsoon Session of Indian Parliament is scheduled from 18 th July and it may also be possible to organise a joint meeting of political parties on the deteriorating India Pakistan relations.

4. 29-30 July 2017: Culture Camps: Where artists and performers from different fields like painting, cartooning, musicians, singers etc. can come together to assert for peace.

5. 8 th and 9 th August 2017: Commemorating Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Young Art for Future of Humanity- Under 18s from colleges, schools and out of school reciting original poetry, writings and expressing themselves through different art forms their concerns about conflicts plaguing the world and their assertion for peace. Announcing the event through media and school communications could enable the students and others under 18 to prepare for the program properly.

All outstanding contributions and performances could be up linked to the website for the Campaign.

6. 14 th and 15 th August 2017- Festival of The Sub- Continent: Joint Celebrations for Union of Hearts- 2.0 Along with All Faith Prayers: The First such Festival was organised on 14-15 August 1997 to commemorate 50 Years of independence of the Sub- Continent from colonial rule that saw enthusiastic participation from organisations from India, Pakistan and other countries across the where Indians and Pakistanis live.

For the first time this campaign urged Pakistanis and Indians to come together to celebrate independence on both days- 14 th and 15 th of August and not on just one day ie. 14 th or 15 th . The response to this call was phenomenal and scores of organisations in India and Pakistan and other countries organised remarkable programs with some original ideas and far reaching impact in developing positive public perception.

All Faith Prayers

We are planning to have it in a Parsee Temple in Hyderabad, a Hindu Mutt in Ayodhya, Ajmer Darga, the Bahai’s Lotus Temple in Delhi, Cathedral in Chennai, Golden Temple in Amritsar and so on where leaders of different faiths will come together to read from their scriptures and pray for peace collectively. Friends in Pakistan, Canada, America and other countries are also planning in different religious places. This program can be organised very easily in any city / town.

This will also be a fitting conclusion for the Peace Now and Forever Campaign between India and Pakistan where most people are religious!

7. Through the Campaign Period: Lectures on Peace- including need for cordial Pakistan India relations in Schools and colleges. These lectures can be arranged by enlisting people who have been to the other country (Pakistan or India) to share their experiences with students of schools and colleges and by contacting school chain s (like in Pakistan, we have chains managing 5 to 50 schools in different cities and towns. This could be a very potent way to reach out to the young with correct perspectives. It is also proposed to screen the Play Jung Chaheye Ya Aman before initiating discussions. All it requires is an LCD project that most schools have now a days.

In Hyderabad, we plan to have these Peace Outreach Programs in 50 schools and 20 colleges.

8. Peace Caravans, Rallies and Marathons: Some organisations have also suggested organising Caravans, Rallies and Marathons. We request all those who can to take up these and other activities as possible- and also share with others so that they can also organise.

Though it may not be possible to organise all the programs in all locations, we request Partners to organise as many of these programs as possible in their areas of operations and also any other programs that they would like to undertake. Partners are also requested to share information about the programs they propose to organise in a Template to be provided shortly for information to all others involved with the Campaign and for consolidated reporting and for sharing with the media.

We also request Partners in different cities and towns to form a Coordination Committee of all Partners of the Campaign in their areas to plan collective activities. Details of organisations who have enlisted so far from different cities and towns will be shared shortly.

Pamphlets and Signature Forms are available below in English, Telugu, Urdu and Hindi languages along with Campaign Poster and Format for Program Banners.

English Version

Signature Form:


Telugu Version

Signature form:


Urdu Version


Hindi Version

Signature Form:


Poster and Banner