Refugee Center

Refugee Center

Project Description
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  • July 31, 2017

UNHCR/Refugees: COVA-UNHCR Refugee Facilitation Centre Hyderabad

COVA in partnership with UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) helps Refugees and Asylum Seekers to acquire required legal documentation through Registration to enable their stay in India; provides training to police officials on Refugee Law and legal assistance to refugees whenever required as part of Protection; Works for enrolment of refugee children in schools, medical care, grants for livelihood activities and capacity building through training and counselling for their Empowerment; Organises cultural programs and sports events for Recreations. Finally, provides Monthly Ration Support to 110 destitute refugee families through the Adopt A Refugee Program.

At a Glance
Overview of Refugee Population in Hyderabad
As on 31st December 2016 

Population Abstract (non-Rohingyas)
Families Individuals
No. of non-Rohingyas Card Holders 105 152
No. Registered- AMRS/RSD/ASY 198 272
New arrivals and to be updated 56 68
Total No. 359 492


Population Abstract (Rohingyas)
Families Individuals
No. of Rohingyas Card Holders 559 1906
No. Registered- AMRS/RSD/ASY 424 1262
Baby Addition 149
New arrivals and to be updated 72 179
Total No. 1055 3496


  • The Interview of 743 individuals out of 204 families were facilitated at Foreigner Regional Registration Office, for their Long Term Visa in
  •  One sensitisation session was conducted for senior police officers from special branch south.
  • Around 20 meetings at police stations with police officers, DCP Offices and Commissioners also with FRRO
  • 25 students are supported by COVA for
  • Two mega health camps organised along with City police Hyderabad covering 425
  • 155 awareness sessions on health & Hygiene, hospital deliveries, immunisation etc conducted in which 1308 POCs
  • Psycho social counselling : In 24 sessions, 366 POCs were
  • Leadership training sessions for Rohingya community leaders: Four training workshops were conducted. In each training workshop 30 to 40 community leaders were educated about capacity building and orientation and about their role and
  • Eleven meetings with the Community leaders’ (Rohingya and Non-Rohingya) where the general issues and problems like Education, Health, Protection, livelihood, registration, LTV, domestic violence and SGBV issues etc…) were discussed.

Total amount mobilized amounts to Rs. 17, 29,105, for the following activities: Adopt a Refugee – Ration by COVA to Destitute POCs | School Fee for Children | Livelihood Support| Medical Reimbursement | Medical Support | No. of PoCs helped with ration and Iftar- cum-dinner supported by Helping Hand Foundation and others

Meet Children of Rohingyas

Fouzia: Fauzia is a 16-year old Refugee girl from Myanmar. She came to Hyderabad along with her family in 2013. Her father was a farmer in Myanmar, but because of some health issues, he is not able to work anymore. Her elder brother is taking care of the family.

She is staying in Jallpally and studies in 6th standard in ST. Mary’s High School at Jallpally. She had never gone to school in Myanmar.

She is having five brothers. Elder brother is working in a meat factory, her other three brothers are studying in the same school, while the younger is too small to go to school yet. Fouzia is showing good progress in her studies despite not having formal schooling earlier and the teachers are very appreciative of her potential and dedication. She is one of the 20 refugee students COVA is supporting for education by collecting donations from family and friends. Now Fauzia could have a dedicated donor and also an assurance of continued support for her studies in the coming years if she is accepted as an eligible candidate.

We have discussed with the school for some concessions and the amount of Rs. 10,000 that would be available would be sufficient for a year to cover tuition fees, books and two uniforms.

Adopt a Refugee – started a unique program last year to help aged, ailing and destitute refugees who on different counts are unable to eke out their living. 90 such refugees were identified who received ration kit to suffice for a month with over head expenses  of  Rs.300/-  per  person. Appeal through social media was made for Adopt a Refugee program  and COVA could raise  fund to the tune of Rs.11,38,511 from philanthropic persons and well wishers of COVA which helped in regularly provide monthly subsistence in kind to the identified refugees.