2005 to 2009


Communal Harmony Programs:

To inculcate scientific awareness among youth and general public, COVA took up various activities as part of the Year of Scientific Awareness programs.


We Train People for Change


Building Hope in Kashmir



Advocating the citizens rights.

Developing childhood.

Leaders of different faiths conduct the land consecration ceremony, by planting a sapling of the sacred peepal, on the site on which COVA plans to build its home, “Aman Vatika”.

Entrepreneurship: Enabling through cooperation.


A street corner meeting as part of the Campaign for Right to Basic Services.

Indo-Pak Joint Signature Campaign for Peace in the Sub-continent.. Admiral L. Ramdas launches Indo-Pak Joint Signature Campaign in Hyderabad

Sri A K Khan IPS releases COVA Publication Muslims of Ananthapur.

Students of COVA’s member schools advocate for child rights.

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