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Six Game Changers: Overview of COVA’s Programs for 2015 and 2016- Seeking Continued Partnership and Support

Dear Friends,
We are happy to share with you an Overview of COVA’s Programs for 2015 and 2016 where we were able to initiate Six Game Changers in the fields of:
(1) Peace and conflict management through launch of COFI (Countering Online Fanatic Indoctrination) networks in 9 countries of South Asia and Far East to check hate campaigns in social media to promote understanding and peace;
(2) Twelve Strategic Recommendations to promote MSMEs in Brick Economics for mass employment generation to enable youth to become positive contributors to social well being;
(3) Financial Inclusion of the Poor through access to bank loans;
(4) People’s Participation in Governance Processes to strengthen democracy and ensure equitable development for all;
(5) Initiatives for Access to Education to Poor Students in Private Schools and;
(6) Transforming Philanthropy from Charity to Empowerment to transform the perspectives of individuals to use their donations to support organisations to access thousands of crores / millions that are available for the poor through government schemes for scholarships, bank loans, healthcare and other poverty elevation programs but are not being utilized due to absence of proper mechanisms. The best way to help the poor and eliminate poverty! This is indeed possible!! To know how, please see the report appended below!!!

This is the time for paying taxes and also for saving taxes. All Indian citizens can avail 50% tax exemption by donations to COVA under Section 80 (G) of Indian Income Tax Act.
Please donate to COVA generously and partner in transforming society towards making of a world that is free from poverty, just and peaceful!!
The Report now:

Six Game Changers: Overview of COVA’s Programs for 2015 and 2016- Seeking Your Continued Partnership and Support

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Annual Report 2015-2016

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