Ambitious Initiative
COVA was a brave & ambitious initiative. It has been unique in its conception of confederation as a strategy & in its vision for communal harmony, social justice & the empowerment of the marginalized sections. Evaluation Team: Y.L. Jayaraj, Anita Cheria – June 15 to 24, 2009

Exemplary Systems in COVA
It is no exaggeration to say that the governance & management systems are quite exemplary in COVA & other NGOs can benefit from sharing the same. 2008: Evaluator – Mr. R.MURALI, Director, MARI

International Endorsement
On the Audit Report by M/s Moore Stephen, UK for COVA’s Refugee Project “The overall audit opinion indicates that the implementation of the Project is in accordance with UNHCR Financial Rules & Regulations.” May ’2015 Yasmin Keith-Krelik, Sr. Admin Officer, UNHCR, Delhi

Amazing Results
The activity has yielded enthusiastic response & amazing results. The administration is participatory & decisions are taken democratically.
COVA Evaluation 1999 – Dr. A.K. Biswas. For more evaluations, click here

Peace Initiatives
Riot Prevention,
Jammu & Kashmir,
District Networks,
State Networks,
National Initiatives,
India- Pakistan,
South Asia,
Peace Alliance Partners,

COFI Networks International
Being initiated in 10 countries of South Asia & Far East to counter Online Hate Campaigns and secure Cyberspace for Peace through training and networking of progressive Thought Leaders.

COVA in Media
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Securing Peace: For Communities and in Cyberspace

COVA is a national network of voluntary organisations working for communal harmony in India and Peace in South Asia. COVA’s initiatives for peace involve prevention of Communal Riots at the grassroots; state, national and international networking to Promote Harmony and COFI Networks and CHECKIT Programs to secure Cyberspace for Peace.

 Peace Initiatives  Peace Now  Campaign  COFI Networks  CHECKIT

Compassionate Citizenship & Responsible Activism: 

To sensitize school, college, university students and young professionals to social issues and concerns to inculcate in them the compassion required of a good human being and enlist their commitment to address social problems to make society humane and just. The Education Department of the Government of Telangana has accepted to incorporate the Compassionate Citizenship Program in the curriculum for the schools in the State and will start with a Pilot in 500 schools in 10 Districts of Telangana from academic year 2020-21.. Know more…

3rd Generation Philanthropy:                                                                                                                                                                                                        For Exponential Impact of Individual Donations to facilitate poor to access resources of Central & State governments running into lakhs of crores to Make Poverty HistoryRead More


Refugee Facilitation Centre:

COVA works with 5000 Refugees and Asylum Seekers from 12 countries living in Hyderabad. As part of its range of services for the Refugees and Asylum, Seekers COVA engages with the welfare of refugees for subsistence support through Monthly Rations for the most destitute, livelihood, health, recreation, and education. COVA was an implementing Partner of UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) from 2010 till 2019 and facilitated registration of Refugees as per UNHCR Norms. READ MORE




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